Munich: From Monks to Modernity

(Volk Verlag)



From the back cover (Volk Verlag, Munich):

Munich? Grand capital of Bavaria: city of art, the Oktoberfest and Germany's vaunted high-tech capital? Or city of angst: birthplace of Nazism, home to the British and French policy of `Appeasement' and the tragedy of the 1972 Olympics?

Few cities suffer from such a complex collection of contrasting images and stereotypes as Munich does. Encompassing numerous figures of European import, ranging from Holy Roman Emperors to artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, and from Thomas Mann to footballer Franz Beckenbauer, Paul Wheatley's Munich: From Monks to Modernity is a much-needed first comprehensive English-language history of Munich for decades. The book's readability makes it ideal for people wanting a short and vivid introduction to the 850 years of Munich's history.

After ten years in print, the book has now sold out. I am in the process of deciding whether to transform it into an e-book with an update or simply reprinting again with my publisher.